Press Release

SARASOTA, Fla., July, 2013 — Sterilyfe USA, LLC ™ ( is pleased to announce the deployment of the patented Sterilyfe ™ hand sanitizing/ digital advertising kiosk in all Harris Teeter grocery stores in the fall of 2013.  Sterilyfe holds the utility patent as the only stand alone system that can combine hand sanitation (wipe, gel, foam) with all forms of advertising (static, digital, interactive).

“We are extremely excited to be launching our platform this fall in conjunction with Harris Teeter, who we feel is one of the most respected brands in the grocery space.” stated Sean Quinn, President of Sterilyfe USA.  “The combination of hand sanitation with point of decision interactive advertising is a home run for the consumer, the advertisers, Harris Teeter and Sterilyfe!”

The kiosk dispenses both hand wipes and foam sanitizer and will be placed in the vestibules at the entrance of each store.  10 interactive advertising buttons are displayed on a 25” touchscreen where the consumer can print a coupon directly from the kiosk or have it sent to their phone digitally as they enter the store. There is also an anchor sponsorship opportunity on each kiosk utilizing a 12”x24” LED lightbox static advertisement combined with a premiere positioned digital interactive button.  The kiosk is eco-friendly, made in America, and supports an ADA compliant design.

Harris Teeter Supermarkets, recently acquired by the Kroger Company, has beta tested the kiosk since March of 2012 and is the first national grocer to launch this new platform.  “We feel this new patented platform will totally transform how the traditional Digital Out Of Home industry is measured.  CPM and broad based analytics give way to customer engagement that is through the roof because of the consumer demand for hand sanitation in all public places.  Advertisers are provided with true, detailed analytics, specific to their individual brand, for engagement, dwell, call to action, redemption, and lift.  These 2 factors, combined with integration to the individual grocers existing loyalty programs, provides the advertiser with consumer data and analytics that rival and exceed the information they previously had to purchase from the large data clearing houses.” stated Quinn.

The initial roll out this fall includes all 212 Harris Teeter locations, all East Coast with heavy concentrations in Charlotte and Raleigh , NC and the Washington, DC area.  There will be 2 kiosks positioned right at the entrance from the vestibule into the store for a total of 424 kiosks.  Sterilyfe has accelerated its unit projections and expects to hit more than 8,000 locations in the next 3 years just in grocery alone, because of recent changes in the grocery marketspace.  “Not only do we expect rapid growth in the grocery space, which we feel our product is a natural fit, we also see other verticals as perfectly suited for the Sterilyfe hand sanitation kiosk like transit/airports, healthcare, and public arenas.” projected Quinn. “In today’s economy, finding new and innovative ways to advertise your message to gain the competitive edge is crucial in maintaining and growing market share.”

To advertise or partner with Sterilyfe USA please contact them at or call 1(800) 315-8870.