Kiosk Highlights:

  • 59% percent customer engagement: 80% female [source: In-store research]
  • Direct to consumer at point of purchase with immediate redemption
  • Content updated remotely (IP Addressable)

Kiosk Platform Flexibility:

  • Print or Digital Coupons
  • Consumer Data Collection
  • LED Light Box Print Advertising Placement

Kiosk Content Flexibility and Targeting:

  • Content updated in real-time (IP Addressable)
  • Ads can be tailored to enhance other national branding such as TV or Print Campaigns
  • Ability to target by DMAs (down to the individual kiosk)


Social Responsibility Health conscious customers want to know that you are taking the necessary steps to protect them from transmittable germs, infections, and diseases. The Sterilyfe kiosk is a huge opportunity which capitalizes on the following that very idea of social responsibility.

  • New revenue generating opportunity
  • Unique and effective advertising for immediate sales lift
  • Hand sanitization will be everywhere in the coming years
  • Great public relations opportunities
Quantified impressions for an accurate ROI analysis unlike all other static banners, billboards, and digital signage.

Getting the attention of potential customers is the most important part of any advertising display/kiosk.  By making hand sanitizer and hand wipes readily available as customers enter a store, you have an immediate captive audience and research shows they will receive the message and act on it.